My name is Harold Stewart III, however I go by the name Trey.  I am currently a sophomore at the University of Maine at Orono majoring in Political Science and double minoring in Business and Legal Studies.  I have hopes to attend law school after graduating from the University of Maine, but do not have a specific one in mind thus far.  I am from Presque Isle, Maine and currently serve as a volunteer fire fighter at the Presque Isle Fire Department.  I place a strong emphasis on the importance of communitarianism and my small home town background, as it has shaped me all my life and will likely come out at some point in my posts.  During the summers I intern at my father’s law office in Presque Isle where he mainly practices insurance defense with some real estate on the side.  At the University I currently am a proud brother of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, a University of Maine Student Government Senator and serve as the Pro-Temp President of the UMSG General Senate and man a seat on the Executive Budgetary Committee.  I hope to be able to return to Maine after graduation from law school, if it leads me out of the state, and work with my father at Stewart Law Office and Summit Title Company.  Politics are also a potential ambition of mine as I have always had an interest in it and believe I could enjoy it at the municipal or state level.

This blog will focus mainly on the topic of healthcare in Maine and, more recently, at the national level.  I will be discussing the recent debates, opinions, polls and general public opinion on the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, and the Mainecare system.  This is a very controversial subject where the battle lines, for the most part, have been pretty well drawn at this point.  I believe there will be no shortfall of information for me to use to compile my own thoughts and opinions on the matter in this blog.  This topic will also be a very important one for the people in my generation, more so than previous generations, as we will be the ones who are most directly affected by these policies.  I hope to also be able to discuss the other issues and policies that also influence healthcare programs and policies, both directly and indirectly, and believe that this is an area which is commonly overlooked when discussing healthcare systems.  I believe that this is an increasingly important issue to all members of the United States and is one that deserves to have the eyes of not just Mainers, but all Americans, fixed on it.


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