The Current Fraud In the Maine Welfare System

The Current Fraud In the Welfare System In Maine

This article does a great job portraying the fraud problems we currently have with Maine’s welfare system and the use of the EBT (Electronic Benefits Card) Cards.  They function much like debit cards, only using the money provided by the state to the people who qualify for welfare.  The problem is that we cannot track where these people are spending the money they withdraw as cash, and have not prosecuted the ones who clearly violated the agreement and abused the system at locations such as alcohol, tobacco or tattoo venues.  Though this article is not directly related to healthcare, it is an example of the already large amount of money that Maine supplies to its citizens that goes wasted or abused each year, thus adding to our State’s debt.  In my opinion, everyone who is a taxpayer in the state of Maine should read this article, and pay attention to any forms of the news media discussing where our tax dollars are going in the welfare system.  After all, it is our money that is being abused and spent fraudulently.


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